[rescue] Mail Server

sammy ominsky s at avoidant.org
Mon Dec 20 18:18:16 CST 2004

So, during today's interview, the subject of mail servers came up.

The company is moving AWAY from Exchange and Windows, and the guy 
who'll be my boss if I get the job said they were leaning to sendmail, 
but postfix had been an option as well.  I suggested postfix was the 
better of the two for the job based on my experience, and told him I'd 
email later with details of why and what the benefits are.

Anyone care to contribute?  I know we're a rabid pack of postfix fans 
here, so I hope for good reasons.

Also, Bill, do you have a writeup of your postfix/amavis/clamAV 
installation, and maybe even a business case for it?



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