[rescue] FS: Almost-new Toshiba e405 PocketPC

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun Dec 19 21:35:23 CST 2004

Bought this a couple of months ago, upgraded it to Windows Mobile 2003 
Second Edition, played with it for a while, and realized once again that
I'm just not a PDA person.  It's never even left the house since I took
it out of the box.  Screen is perfect, no dead pixels or scratches.

Specs, pictures, and a review:  

I paid $150 for it (refurb); I'll take $110 (Priority Mail shipping included).

I *think* I've stll got the original box and manual, but no guarantees (I've
thrown away a lot of stuff lately while packing to move).

Email me if interested.


bill bradford
austin texas

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