[rescue] FS: Dual-Xeon x86 system

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun Dec 19 18:14:07 CST 2004

Thinning the herd..

I'm thinking of selling this system to buy parts for my mini-ITX machines 
before I move.  It's the largest, heaviest, most power-consuming computer I 
own right now.

Dell Precision Workstation 610 (upgraded to A11 firmwre)
Dual PIII 500Mhz Xeon processors (512K cache)
Replacement Dell case/CPU fan has been installed to replace noisy one 
 (2 days ago)
1024 MB RAM
Onboard Adaptec 7980 (internal) and 7800 (external) SCSI controllers
Adaptec 2940UW PCI SCSI controller
nVidia Quadro 2 MXR (AGP) video card (single head)
Factory 32X IDE CD-ROM drive
Brand-new IBM Ultrastar 73G SCSI HD
Mid-tower case

Anybody interested?  Email me off-list, and we can haggle on price.  
This is just too big and power-hungry to fit in with my "minimalist"
ideal for the systems and network at the new house.


bill bradford
austin texas

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