[rescue] For Rescue: Token Ring!

Porkchop porkchop at nic.com
Sun Dec 19 17:52:55 CST 2004

My employer moved from Token Ring to Ethernet a few years ago. 
Finally, the rooms used to store the old 3,000+ port network will be 
needed for something else.

Its all IBM. We have bridges, 8270s (managed token ring switches), 
CAUs (controlled hubs), LAMs (expansion options for the CAUs...25 
extra ports per LAM), a few MAUs (uncontrolled hubs)... the CAUs have 
fiber options, the 8270s I think have [fiber] ATM cards and some have 
fiber token ring cards. All have copper token ring. This is a mix of 
type1, type2, rj-11, and biconic fiber. Mostly RJ-11.

We also have three very large ATM switches, but they will probably be 
going a separate way.

Here's the catch. You gotta take it all. I'm guesstimating 30 cubic 
yards...its been a while since I've been over there but I'll of 
course give a more accurate approximation to anyone interested. 
Serious offers only, please. I don't want to bring up an option only 
to have it fall through. 1-5 month timeframe.

How much you offer isn't important. Minimum bid is $1...we actually 
need the magical $1. Everyone in IT would like to see it go to a 
better place than a landfill...

Mid Hudson Valley, New York...2 hours north of NYC.

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