[rescue] Closet cleaning time. Piles of stuff cheap or free

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sun Dec 19 17:27:40 CST 2004

OK, I have loads of stuff that I need to make go away. If you have an 
interest in any of the documentation or CD's they are free, just pay 
the postage. The other stuff like keyboards and such please make me an 
offer. I am not looking for big money, just would like a small return 
on the pile of stuff.

So here we go.



2.1 GB 3.5 inch disk drive installation manual
Solaris 1.x (SunOS 4.x) Handbook for SMCC peripherals (10/93) new sealed
Desktop Storage Module Installation and User's Guide, new sealed
DSBE manual
Diskette drive manual
Workstation ergonomics leaflet featuring an SS10/20D11 on cover
Using your Sun Keyboard leaflet
Software Developer Product Guide (Winter/Spring 1997)
Software Configuration Guide July 1991

UltraComputing Ultra Pack #2 New sealed
Sun Solutions CD Volume 1 1998 new sealed
Sun Solutions CD April-Sept 1997


DS10 owners manuals/CD-ROMs new sealed
Symbios SYM8952U User's Guide with driver CD (Circa 1999/2000)


2 photo copies of the 2000 series array manuals

For the truly demented among you all:

IIS4 Administration from McGraw-Hill

HP Graphics system for older 715/725 systems:

New in box HP CRX-48Z framebuffer with the GSC interface card. Complete 
package includes the monster external box, internal interface card and 
all cables. Item is new. Should work with all 715 and 725 machines.

For more info Google either A2091A or CRX-48Z

Free for the taking, just pay the shipping. This is a large box which 
weighs in at about 30 pounds.

SGI keyboards and cables. Here it goes:

1 milled from solid unobtanium SGI #021-0800-001 keyboard that fits old 
machines like the 4D boxes with D-9 keyboard ports. Includes cable

3 9500801 beige that fits the Indigo or Onyx. 2 include cable.

I also have cables to connect the 9500801 to the older D-9 ported 

2 9500829 PS/2 beige keyboards with cables for Indigo 2 and Indy etc.

And lastly one spare D-9 to D-9 keyboard cable.

I'm in an indecisive kinda mood today so if you have an interest make 
me a Nifty offer on any or all of it.

Mike N

In the 60's people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is 
weird, people take prozac to make it normal.

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