[rescue] Windows 2000

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Fri Dec 17 02:04:01 CST 2004

Yeah, It can be done, providing you can find the latest ARC firmware, which 
seem to have mysteriously disappeared from IBM's ftp site:

Any way, here the how-to, for those that may wish to create this abomination:


IBM released a NT version of the 40p, the 6015, which was identical to the 
7022, which had the 601 processor. It could also be installed on the 43p 
(7248) which had the 604 processor. There were probably a few more models too.



Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 06:52:38AM -0500, james wrote:
>>Thats the one. Back in the day I liked to confuse the clueless by
>>telling them I had NT running on a Macintosh clone.
> I have some PowerStack II machines also. It has OpenFirmWare and came with
> AIX. I think you can run NT on the II if you flash an ARC firmware. 
> Hehe. NT on an RS/6000. :-)

Please do not read this sig. If you have read this far, please unread back to 
the beginning.

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