[rescue] Origin 2000 smoke test - problem

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Thu Dec 16 13:49:27 CST 2004


So, the electricity was hooked up today, and even though I don't have a
console cable cobbled up yet, I decided to smoke test my Origin 2000 rack
quickly at lunch.

The upper module with 1 node board seems to start fine. However, the lower
module with 4 node boards and a bunch of SCSI XIO cards comes up with a POK
FAIL error on the LED display. The doc calls POK FAIL a "power OK failure on
an unknown board" or something close to that.

A look on the back of the lower module shows the 1.5 VDC fault LED lit on
the first node board, and none of the other 3 node boards show any lights at

I reseated all the power connections and cold-reset the modules with the
same results.

I need to go back and do Real Work for now, but my next steps would probably
be to pull all the XIO boards and re-seat all the node boards on the lower
module and try again. If that failed, I would leave the XIO boards out, and
try one node board at a time, swapping different node boards into the first

I guess the next major step after that would be to swap power supplies
between modules, but that seems extreme :-)

Any words of wisdom or suggestions from the collective appreciated. I'll
probably get a chance to try again later this afternoon or tomorrow morning,
and have a console available then as well.


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