[rescue] Sparc Classic X on Ebay

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Fri Dec 10 15:35:49 CST 2004

Dan Williams wrote:

> I bought an ultra 5 on ebay last month for #20, it had no memory, or
> drives. But when it came it had 256mb a 9gb drive and a cdrom. Can't
> moan at that.

I bought an Integrix RS450 (Ultra AXMP board) on eBay listed as both "no
RAM" and "2GB RAM" on the same page, no drives, and no processors, along
with two external SCSI enclosures (with 2x 2GB drives and 2x spuds) for
$25+$80shipping. It was so cheap I figured I'd just sell off the RAM for
$75/gig and make a profit, and maybe I'd be able to either sell the
chassis+mobo for some cash, or use it later myself (the beefiest sun box
I have, besides that one, is a 2x300MHz U2, so a quad-capable machine
was pretty cool and I wanted one :) ).

When I unpacked it, it had 2GB RAM, 4x400MHz procs, 2x4gb drives +
sleds, an ethernet card, a serial card, and a video card. I had to
reseat the RAM twice to get rid of RAM errors, but now it runs like a
champ with no problems whatsoever (though I have yet to do a burn-in
test, as I've been so busy with school). It sounds like a jet engine
taking off when it powers up, though.

I'm still trying to talk myself into selling it and spending the money
on something else (powerbook), but somehow that just doesn't seem right...
mmmm. This is a good problem to have. :).

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