[rescue] What's a ZX, though?

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Fri Dec 10 03:55:13 CST 2004

Kevin Loch wrote:

> I made a ZX play in a U3000 with Solaris 9 by using the drivers from 
> 2.6 (latest ZX supported
> release).  However, since the drivers are 32 bit you must boot Solaris 
> in 32bit mode to use it
> for anything other than console.

    To think if Solaris 10 had some of the source for the dropped ZX 
parts let alone sun4m support (I'll take dual ROSS and a well supported 
ZX over a stripped Ultra2 anyday if I just need 32bit support). I'd not 
mind doing the rebuild.
     But while on the subject of you getting it work, how did you get it 
to work? I might have a 32bit ss10, but I'm not letting another ZX go to 
waste (already traded off one with a ss5/170).

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