[rescue] SGI external CD power brick

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Dec 8 16:32:55 CST 2004


New toy today (300Mhz Octane) came with the SGI external CD, which looks to
be Toshiba, both mechanism and case.

Didn't notice that it needs an external power brick vs. a normal power cord,
and of course the power brick isn't there...

Not a big deal since I have other external CD-ROMs, but does anyone know how
exotic the brick is? All the drive case says is +5v/0.8A and +12v/08A. The
connector is DIN style, with three pins plus the "key". I haven't pulled it
open to see what's what inside...

Might be time to go shop the junk store for something suitable, I guess.
Would be fun with it being that SGI granite and all <grin>


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