[rescue] Re: VA Linux risers, etc

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Dec 8 14:53:52 CST 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 13:33, james wrote:
> > Anyone out there have drive rails for VA Research boxes (they are
> > grey plastic with a metal 'spring' locking tab at the front of the
> > rail.  No part #s on the rails :-(.  They are adjustable, and have
> > markings for adjustment as such:
> > 
> >  1|3|5|7|9
> >  |||||||||
> >  _________
> > (_________)
> > 
> > They are not standard AT size, rails for an Enlight AT case don't
> > fit, nor do rails for LEO (FIC) cases.... the case has 3 5.25" bays
> > but I only have rails for one bay :-(... and it's a really well made
> > case.  Anyone know who made the cases ????
> Gee, this wouldn't be for a StartX model, would it? I have a StartX, but
> my rails are in use by a CD drive. The rails sound indentical to what
> you are looking for.

It is marked as a VARStation ... a PII (prob cable of PIII up to
600mhz) using what I belive is an Intel SE440BX motherboard.

Absolutely nice case... great cooling (really LARGE fan in the
back).... if I can find rails, when I eventually move into the P4
generation, I'll probably use that case (provided I can find rails).

In the meantime I might use it for a dual PIII or a dual PPRO
box (either with 2x1M cache PPRO 200 chips, or 2x333 PII overdrive

-- Curt

> btw, my StartX is my primary workstation and runs Linux. As old as it is
> it performs nicely (dual PIII 500mhz, SCSI and gig-O-ram).
> I've seen StartX's on ebay going cheap, might be worth it for parts.
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