[rescue] Sendmail, OBSD 3.5 (Sparc)

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Dec 8 07:47:52 CST 2004

>> regarding problems I'm having with sendmail, 
>I doubt the OpenBSD bit is relevant ... you'll have lots of pain with
>Sendmail on any platform. It'd be better to give up and try something
>sensible such as Exim (or Postfix, but not qmail).

What they said.  You will find Postfix quite simple to install, and it has
more features than you likely need.  I replaced Sendmail with Postfix
(after a short tussle with Exim, it was as bad as Sendmail, IMO) a year or
so ago and have never looked back.

Postfix does not run SUID, which makes it safer than Sendmail which does.
Postfix was written after security became a major criterion, Sendmail's
base was written before that time.  I find that it uses fewer resources for
a shorteer amount of time when handling large mailing lists via Majordomo
or E-Cartis (I use both, E-Cartis is 'better' but Majordomo is easier for
me to slap a new small list in).

Mike is probably right, I'd be very surprised if OpenBSD was the issue here.

If you have specific Sendmail or Postfix questions, I'll be at my office
all day, wwill at siu.edu (the posting address for this list).  I'll help you
get it compiled if you want, either program.

Good luck with becoming a postmaster.  It's a job some days.

wes will

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