[rescue] Clariion raid questions (Fiberchannel)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Dec 3 22:47:05 CST 2004

> I've had some experience with these units. It seems the trick is getting a
> SP that is in command line mode. That way it will accept commands from the
> console input. I've got one, out of six that is, if anyone knows the magic
> code to place a SP in command line mode...
> If you can't get into a SP then the only way I know to config an array is
> through EMC's Navisphere software $$$$
> They do work great once you have them running. I have a few JBOD's that I
> may be convinced to part with if your interested.
> -- John

Can you try this:

(From Tek-Tips Forums on EMC gear):

There are two modes the serial port can be in.

Serial Application Mode (what your in)

where after post, it goes in to this mode, to allow for Management
Software communication...

Your looking for the FCLI...

Type: {}{}

That should break you out of SAM...

then type MENU
select FLARE
select option 5 (start flare)

that should get you to the FCLI prompt.

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