[rescue] Salvage source discovered in Greenville, NC

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Fri Dec 3 13:51:42 CST 2004

Hey folks,

Anyone in the NC area should be advised we just discovered an el-primo
computer salvage place.  The place is Franklin's Computer, in the back
end of a warehouse off Memorial Drive, and the owner, Franklin Smith, is
fsmith12 at earthlink.net, cell 252-258-2557.  He has mostly PC stuff
there, but there's also Sun gear, Digital, IBM, monitors out the wazoo,
scanners, new-in-box Compaq enterprise rack hardware, laser printers
(some of which look brand new), just all kinds of stuff.  I just scored
a Bay Networks BA350T 16-port 10/100 switch, a HP5470c 2400dpi color
scanner, a power supply for the Umax color scanner I was just given, a
ViewSonic VA800 LCD monitor (lacking its power supply), and a set of
Altec-lansing speakers, all for $75.  I passed up on a couple of
new-in-unopened-box Nortel access points that I hadn't the vaguest clue
what I'd do with, but hey, if anyone wants a pair of brand new Nortel
APs (p/n 1001007), *here they are*.

The guy could probably be talked into shipping stuff, and if anyone in
the area is looking for a make-ends-meet job until a real job comes
along, you could probably talk the guy into hiring you to triage new
incoming shipments and say "That's scrap, that's junk, this'd be good if
it wasn't broken, you should be able to get a hundred bucks for that on
eBay, but THIS is a brand-new Acme Frobnitz and it's worth some serious

(I'd talk to him about doing just that myself, except I'm flying to SF
tomorrow for a job interview on Monday that's about 99% a done deal.  I
fully expect not to use the return half of my ticket.)

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