[rescue] Clariion raid questions (Fiberchannel)

John Mothershead john at backyardtech.com
Fri Dec 3 10:11:05 CST 2004

I've had some experience with these units. It seems the trick is getting a 
SP that is in command line mode. That way it will accept commands from the 
console input. I've got one, out of six that is, if anyone knows the magic 
code to place a SP in command line mode...
If you can't get into a SP then the only way I know to config an array is 
through EMC's Navisphere software $$$$
They do work great once you have them running. I have a few JBOD's that I 
may be convinced to part with if your interested.

-- John

At 07:15 AM 12/3/2004, you wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>  It seems as if these Clariion Fibrechannel arrays are getting cheap. I'm
>speaking of the DAE units. From what I gather:
>  Some have SP (Storage Processors), and some are JBODS.
>  A unit with a SP can connect to two JBOD boxes.
>  They can do redundant SP's
>  They use Fibre channel disks that are formatted (low level) to 520 bytes
>per block instead of 512 bytes.
>  The disk IDs are probably changed so I can't buy scrap drives from eBay
>and load up an array?
>  Anyone have any experience? Is it a nice cheap way to add some hardware
>raid 5 disks to a host? I have Qlogic 2100's that are copper, and a Vixel
>FC hub.. all 1gb gear..
>  I can't help but think about using a SP loaded DAE and a JBOD to add
>storage to our mail server (a Compaq 1850R w/ FreeBSD).
>  Thoughts? Opinions? Is there a scene of people getting off the shelf
>disks working on these units?
>  I remember the old arrays that had 20 drives and there was a secret
>command you could type in the console window to change vendor and such.
>  It all started when I was trying to figure out the real name of the SGI
>TP9400 branded LSI made storage processor... (Also seen in STK arrays).
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