[rescue] Crimson

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Dec 3 08:14:43 CST 2004

>It was actually terminated. I have a 4D that wasn't and that's what I

Well, I guess lack of termination isn't the problem, then, is it?  Sheesh,
shooting this sort of thing without having it on the bench in front of me
(so I can at least hook up a scope and watch for timing and control
signals) is kinda tough.

Let's look at what I do know, and correct me if any of this is wrong:  
it's a known-working CDROM, 
you have properly terminated the bus, 
other devices on this scsi channel work, 
and everything enumerates in the startup ROM routine.

What is the block size of the cdrom set at?  512?  1024?

The CD's that you are trying to read can be read on this drive (you can
list directories and copy a file from the disk to another device) when this
particular CDROM drive is connected to some other machine?

Have you checked the integrity of the power and ribbon cables?

Have you checked power supply voltage levels for this device?  
Switch power cables if you have a spare, maybe it's getting insufficient
juice (though it is very doubtful, considering the power supply on these
kinds of boxes - they can cram out juice and to spare for this kind of load).

Oh, and if/when you do figure this out please be sure to let us all know so
next time we can just say, "That sounds like XXX, I remember seeing this
before, on Francois' machine."

wes will

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