[rescue] Crimson

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Dec 1 12:56:59 CST 2004

Try terminating it.  I have yet to see or hear of a problem caused by
terminating a SCSI bus.  Slap a terminator block on there, see if it works.
 You have nothing to lose but (possibly) your error messages.

Enumerating a bus (finding the things on it) and using those things
correctly are slightly different things.  I had an old Macintosh II that
would find all sorts of things, including the 200MB LaCie external drive I
had on there, but could use none of them due to a loose terminator block on
the external SCSI chain.  Not missing, just not connecting completely
enough to work.  The hold-down bail detent "ears" were plastic on this
piece of junk instead of the normal metal dinguses, and one had broken off.
 Replaced it with one whose metal ears were intact and the p[roblem went away.

Give the terminator a whirl.  It really can't hurt.

wes will

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