[rescue] SGI Crimson, still no go

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Wed Dec 1 12:39:46 CST 2004

Francois Dion wrote:

>I have a Crimson I've been trying to get up and running. I had set it
>aside for the past few months. I had issues with the CDROM (or so I
>tought). Well, I've since gotten a CDROM for the Challenge L. I tested
>the Irix CDs on it and can boot so I know it works. I moved it from
>the Challenge tray to the Crimson brackets. Put it on bus 0, id 4
>(required on crimsons apparently). HD is on bus 1, id 1 (id 0 is the
>Invariably, I get a file not found trying to boot -f
>dksc(0,4,8)sash.IP17 (or variations). ls dksc(0,4,8) and dksc(0,4,7)
>also gets an: ls file not found.
>I'm thinking I might have a termination error (altough hinv does show
>both the cdrom and harddisk). Should the SCSI connectors at the bottom
>be connected together or terminated or?
IIRC my crimson had 2 terminators there and later I hooked
up an external cd-rom to it.

-- Thomas

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