[rescue] SGI parts available - Onyx, Indigo2, Indy

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sat Aug 28 02:03:32 CDT 2004

Hey, guys. I just landed on the punnet square of SGI spares.... I've 
got large quantities of this stuff that want liberating ASAP. All 
untested, sold as-is.

SCIP MEZZ SCSI - 3x F/W diff for Onyx & Challenge L. 75+ avail.
VCAM boards for Onyx & Challenge L (IO4), mostly revs -205 and -206. 
25+ avail.
FDDI MEZZ Base - 2 port FDDI for Onyx & Challenge L. 7 avail, base 
board only! need 030-058x fiber interfaces.
I2 Solid Impact boards (MG10). 25+ avail.
I2 Video for Impact boards (EV1, D9-I2V-I), most with flex cable. 10+ 

Also a few odd ones for Indy, in much smaller quantities:

GIO32 synchronous communication option , 2 ports (013-0993-001)
GIO32 token ring (dual width) STP + Type 1 (030-0528-002)

Accepting sealed bids on all or part. Apply within.


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