[rescue] Re: APC MasterSwitch alternatives

ghub005 ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Aug 26 20:08:11 CDT 2004

Michael said:

I've been looking for alternatives to an APC MasterSwitch. These are 
essentially smart power strips that can be commanded over 
serial/ethernet to drop load to some ports, etc... intended for 
remote reboot.

I need (well, want...) that remote reboot capability, but at $250 on 
fleabay (and not having seen one at the MIT flea)... the price is 
just out there. I considered getting more UPSs, since they're 
actually a little cheeper and can often be commanded to drop load, 
but they tend to drop load to everything or nothing...

Short of building one myself (it could eventually come to that, 
despite my lack of ee), are there any alternatives?


Keep an eye out for Western Telematics stuff


It is stupidly expensive when new, but should be worth a lot less when it is 
used. I once picked up an 8-port NPS-230 for about $20 at a local auction. 
Unfortunately I've never tracked these on FleaBay, so I don't know how 
common they are there.



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