[rescue] FS: Lots of Solaris media kits, Workshop/Forte compilers

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Wed Aug 25 19:11:16 CDT 2004

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. says ...
> I replied to your post... but the foonly.com mailserver blocked me...
> Well.. not too unusual... I run my own mailserver and I'm on a Comcast
> IP.... so I instruct sendmail to use smtp.comcast.net for mail for
> the foonly.com domain....  ummm... that didn't work either.  So,
> basically nobody who uses comcast can send mail to foonly.com....
> I've heard of people blocking comast 'dynamic range' (not that my
> IP is particularly dynamic).... but blocking their smtp server(s)
> too ????

Comcast has some of their corporate mailservers in their own dynamic address
range, I believe.

Given the length of time Comcast let computers on their networks spew spam,
viruses, and other crap all over the 'net, it's not just mail that's
blocked; their netspace is null-routed in a lot of places.

I realize Comcast's cluelessness isn't your fault, I'm just explaining.


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