[rescue] FS: Lots of Solaris media kits, Workshop/Forte compilers

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Aug 25 18:56:23 CDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 15:30, Janet L. Campbell wrote:
> Lots (20+) of Solaris 7 and 8 media kits, various releases, server 
> editions.  Ask for something specific and I'll probably be able to dig it 
> up.  $20 + shipping (a few dollars by USPS, I don't pad shipping fees).
> Sun Workshop/Forte 4/5 media and unused, valid licenses for all compilers.
> Tell me what you need and it will go pretty cheaply.  :)

I replied to your post... but the foonly.com mailserver blocked me...
Well.. not too unusual... I run my own mailserver and I'm on a Comcast
IP.... so I instruct sendmail to use smtp.comcast.net for mail for
the foonly.com domain....  ummm... that didn't work either.  So,
basically nobody who uses comcast can send mail to foonly.com....

I've heard of people blocking comast 'dynamic range' (not that my
IP is particularly dynamic).... but blocking their smtp server(s)
too ????

Too me... while blacklists are pretty effective... ones that go too
far.... well... then your sacrificing valid mail for a cleaner mailbox.

And don't anyone say 'don't use Comcast'... even if I could get
Verizon DSL broadband... the horror stories I've heard... I won't
even contemplate it (even though it is cheaper).

So, Janet... do you have another e-mail addr I can mail you at ?

I'd like to know more about Workshop/Forte...

(Sorry listers for the scattershot way of getting this to Janet)

-- Curt

> -Janet
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