[rescue] FS: Sun AXi rackmount server (a former SunHELP server :))

Janet L. Campbell janet at foonly.com
Wed Aug 25 15:01:03 CDT 2004

This is the AXi we got from Bill Bradford in 2002, it ran the SunHELP site 
for a time.  The config is (shamelessly copied from Bill's original ad):

- 2U rackmount (ATX) enclosure, black faceplate
  (does NOT have rack/slide rails, but there are screw holes to attach
- Sun AXi motherboard
  - 440Mhz (2M L2 cache) CPU
  - 256M (4 x 64M) memory, 4 slots open
  - SCSI CD-ROM drive
  - Floppy drive
- 9G SCSI fast/wide HD (Quantum) internal; room for one more 3.5" internal
- 2 68-pin fast/wide SCSI busses (one internal, one external)
- serial, parallel ports (etc)

Bill even has the old pics up at http://www.sunhelp.org/images/newohno/.  

It's a pretty nice box for an AXi, the cooling and cable routing is
extremely well done.  I'm asking $100 + shipping from 95064, or I can
deliver within the greater SF bay area.  I prefer check or MO but I can
work with just about anything.

Lots of extra parts available, I can do an OS load if you want, etc.


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