[rescue] RS/6000 Seems to not boot from CD

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sun Aug 22 06:37:41 CDT 2004

Hey all,

I have a 530H that I finally got running the other day, thanks to  
Patrick telling me how to place the memory boards. Now, the CD-ROM is  
plugged in, has power, and (I assume) is on the bus, but the machine  
won't boot from it. I believe it's set to id 2. It seems like it's a  
dead one, because I never see any activity, but I have a hard time  
believing it's dead. Are there any other reasons why the machine when  
in service mode might not hit the CD?

Zach Lowry                                                  
MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN                              Owner of 20 NetBSD  
zach at zachlowry.net

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