[rescue] RS/6000 help?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Thu Aug 19 09:47:18 CDT 2004

On Thursday 19 August 2004 09:41, Kris Kirby wrote:
> I've just gotten a few RS/6000s; where do I go to get an OS for these
> suckers? They are older, at least two are 591s.

You should be able to get the media for AIX 5.1 or 4.3.x off eBay for no 
more than about $50.  I'd recommend doing that, as there's quite a few 
CDs in the set, with lots of "bonus" software in the bonus pack (which 
should be included).  I paid $50-$70 a year ago for a 12CD set of 5.1.

Of course, that doesn't come with licenses, but you don't have to input 
a license code anywhere, and I've all but been told by IBM that they 
don't care about hobbyist users (don't do it for commercial systems 

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