[rescue] Very Small SBUS System?

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Aug 13 21:40:35 CDT 2004

Michael Dombrowski wrote:

>Hello All,
>What's the smallest complete SBUS system? I need:
>1x Open SBUS slot for my card
>Decent CPU (see below)
>I know the Sparcplug is pretty darn small, and would
>be great for my uses except that the case would
>increase the size quite a bit. I seem to remember that
>it came with a custom case that was very small, but I
>can't seem to find one. CPU speed isn't so important
>for me, SM51 would do it, but no slower which rules
>out lunchboxes. Also important is availability, if I
>can't get my hands on one it's not much use to me. 
There are Sun IPC/IPX's with a 170mhz microsparc upgrade. Mike
Nicewonger used to have a bunch of them.

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