[rescue] Data General "Desktop Generation" help required

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Aug 9 19:13:55 CDT 2004

   G'day Rescuers!

   Do any of the sages hereon have the technical details for a Data
General Desktop Generation Model 20 (with FIS)?  Specifically, I'm
looking for what all the jumpers and DIP switches actually *do* (not
what the factory-recommended settings are) and the exact pinouts for
the cable that connects the SPU (System Processing Unit) to the console

   I've got a DG-20 here that seems to be in pretty sad shape (no
echoes even from the console terminal) and I'd like to make really
sure I haven't brain-farted something simple.  I've got the standard
DG "installation" manuals, which show jumpers and DIP settings, but
which don't go into any *detail*.  ARRGH!!!!

   HELP!  And many thanks in advance.


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