[rescue] A Question about Snap Servers

bitrot bitrot at cat5.be
Sun Aug 8 02:33:03 CDT 2004

Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> Mon, 02 Aug 2004 @ 10:11 -0500, Bill Bradford said:
>>(seriously, I saw some serious uptime on SCO boxes back in the day, circa
>>'94-98 or so.  Tons of places would have a Pentium or 486 in the back with
>>serial terminals hanging off it..)
> Altos made quite a few SCO UNIX machines back in the day.
> Multibus systems mostly, IIRC, and usually some terminal boards to take
> the serial bus load off the CPUs.
> I saw a dual-CPU 486 Altos running dozens of users without a problem
> around 1993.
I used to have one of those old altos systems, c1989 with the gold front 
and the top flipped up like a car hood to get underneath.. i believe it 
was a z80 system.  (cant remember....) beuler? beuler? beuler?

it has like 8 serial ports on the back.

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