[rescue] Ultra 10 Ram?

James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Fri Aug 6 12:10:30 CDT 2004

The Tanzania motherboard Mac's which includes the Motorola Starmax line, 
the APS MPower boxes, MacTell and numerous other clones use 3.3v EDO 
sticks.  The Umax C500/600 line use a modified Tanzania motherboard 
design that requires normal (for that generation of PowerMac) 5V 
sticks.  Most PowerMacs of that generation took 5v DIMMS.  As I recall, 
only the 4400/7220 and Starmax lines needed 3.3v DIMMS. 

As a reference:    


>Does the Macs 7x00 and 8x00 that take this ram really require
>buffered/registered, or does it just accept them? 

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