[rescue] Rescued: SGI Visual Workstation 320

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Fri Aug 6 09:36:15 CDT 2004

A lot of the Indigo Magic GUI is scalable (vector objects.)  I'm
not sure about the toolchest or the minimized application icons,
but i can't imagine anyone wanting those particular icons any
larger than they already are.


On Fri, 6 Aug 2004 10:43:44 -0400 (EDT)
Nathan Raymond <nate at portents.com> wrote:
> In my opinion the nice thing about the 1600SW is that it is
> 1600x1000, not 1280x1024 like every other 17" LCD.  You have to
> move up to 20" (and spend at least $800) to get 1600x1200 in an
> LCD these days.  If you take a look at notebook computers
> (where you can get a 15" screen that does 1600x1200) or at the
> ultra high end of desktop screens (IBM's 22" Quad UXGA Wide
> 3840x2400 LCD, also rebranded under the Viewsonic label), we
> could have much higher DPI screens than the stupid conventions
> of 1024x768 15", 1280x1024 17", 1600x1200 20/21".  But of
> course to really make the best use of a high DPI screen, we
> need an operating system that dynamically scales the whole UI
> based on the physical screen size and pixel resolution so that
> you don't loose your cursor and get WYSIWYG etc.  Yet, NOBODY
> has created a GUI like that.  It's not hard, and it pisses me
> off that no one has done it (especially Apple, who by using
> DisplayPDF and introducing a new OS had the best opportunity to
> impliment it).  Sigh.

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