[rescue] Rescued: SGI Visual Workstation 320

Isaac isaac at pobox.com
Wed Aug 4 17:11:04 CDT 2004


The "What you will not get" page gives this depressing news:
"The following features and functionality are NOT available in the
software and procedures described here:

    * h/w accelerated X
    * h/w accelerated OpenGL (or OpenGL at all for that matter)
    * 1394
    * video I/O"

On the bright side, if you wanted a big, chunky, un-rack-mountable x86
server with flaky PCI, you've got it!

You'd be better off putting the system on ebay as-is and buying
something useful. If you're really attached to the 1600SW, you can find
"multilink" (DVI->LVDS) adapters on fleabay for a small (LARGE) sum.


On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Bill Bradford wrote:

> I just got handed a SGI 320 and a 17" 1600SW display.  Are there any
> "reasonably sane" methods of getting Linux on this beast?  I've spent
> an hour just getting firmware updated and Win2K installed, but I'd like
> to have a *useful* OS on this. :)
> Bill
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> bill bradford
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