[rescue] RE: [geeks] The Mini-ITX box is done!

Gary Nichols gary at linuxforce.org
Wed Aug 4 12:59:24 CDT 2004

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Joshua Boyd wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 06:46:57PM +0100, Mike Meredith wrote:
> > Gentoo isn't for someone who wants a quick install, but there are some
> > advantages. One I like is that it's theoretically a release-version-less
> > distribution. The LiveCD's have versions, but once you're installed you
> > just 'emerge -u world' to keep updated.
> And exactly how much data has to be sucked down to do that particular
> emerge?  A few gigs?

Don't be silly Josh - after the first "emerge rsync && emerge -u world" 
you're looking at MAYBE a few hundred megs if something big like kde or 
gnome goes up a version number.

I don't mean to be a Gentoo cheerleader here, but it does truly *just 
work*.  I have replaced every linux system I touch with Gentoo, and now I 
have even more time to spend with my G5.  :-)

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