[rescue] Re: VAX/Alpha rescue

ghub005 ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Aug 4 08:41:00 CDT 2004

Kevin wrote:

>Quad EV67 with 12 gigs RAM for $3.00 USD?  Very impressive.

Yep - that wasn't a misprint. I think the size and weight (400+kg) were 
enough to put most people off the AS 8400. Then again, I may have been the 
only person there who actually knew what it was. The vendor seemed happy 
to have found someone prepared to take it away! 

FWIW none of the VAX systems cost more than $10 USD each (the 6000 & 
7000 series machines are pretty hefty).

The only thing I had to spend real money on this evening was an HP 9000 N-
class box. I scored a complete N4000 system (quad 440MHz, 2GB RAM, FC-
AL, dual 9GB internal) for $625. Unfortunately it is missing the front plastic 
fascia but I can live with this.

I'm going to post some more details in the morning.



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