[rescue] looking for rails

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Apr 30 22:27:41 CDT 2004

I know this is a PC... but the audience here is wide...

I just inherited a VA Research VARstation.  It is a fairly nice
enclosure with an Intel SE440BX-2 mainboard in it.  It was
missing cpu and memory (although I found a PII-400 with it
that may very well have been from it).  Ultra LVD Symbios SCSI
card and 9G quantum drive....

Well, I like the case, and for the PC stuff I keep, that case
will be a keeper....

one problem... it uses rails for mounting the 5.25" devices....

Anyone have any of the rails this critter uses ???

I'd contact VA, but they don't do hardware/systems anymore
so I doubt they'd even entertain the call... and I don't know
who actually made the case.

Too bad it doesn't like any of my 256MB ECC registered DIMMs....
(all my BX boards up to this one would see them as 128MB 
modules.... this one is simply dark and doesn't post with them
in... even with the latest BIOS).


  -- Curt

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