Leaving (was: [rescue] Compaq Proliant 8000)

Micah R L lassloc at hotpop.com
Fri Apr 30 16:42:10 CDT 2004

Dave McGuire wrote:

>   There was a time when the people here knew better...but that time 
> has clearly passed.  So with that, I am unsubscribing from this list.  
> It was fun while it lasted, but these days, there are just too many 
> x86-pushing remote-controlled PC marketing droids and "PCs are 
> cheaper" cargo-culters around here for my taste. 

This is exceedingly tragic. Dave, your contributions here are welcomed, 
and if I could convince you to stay, I would. Although, since I've been 
on this list for about a month, I'm not sure that amounts to much :(.

<now addressing general list>
Also, can we kill this thread while realizing differences of opinion? 
 From what I can tell, we're now merely re-hashing what has already been 
said anyway. This is not meant to offend anyone, but... personally, 
given the choice between the two, I'd rather have Dave stay on (if he 
would) than continue to talk about this. I mean, he is right, this isn't 
exacly a list for discussing x86/PC hardware, so even if you're cool 
with it, it's OT for this list - as we just finished discussing in 
another thread.

I say the above while claiming total neutrality in the 
x86/PC/workstation/wtf argument.

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