[rescue] Compaq Proliant 8000

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Apr 30 13:26:22 CDT 2004

On Apr 30, 2004, at 2:10 PM, Peter L. Wargo wrote:
>>    The only thing it falls down on it its *DEFAULT* use of SATA.
> Dave, gotta disagree with you on this.  The SATA setup in the G5 is
> amazingly fast, it spanks the systems we have with U320 SCSI.

   I wasn't talking about the performance of SATA.  I know SATA is fast. 
  I was talking about the architecture, which (while light-years ahead 
of standard ATA/IDE) is still pretty bad compared to SCSI.

   So I don't think we're actually in disagreement here. :)


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