[rescue] Compaq Proliant 8000

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Apr 30 12:52:25 CDT 2004

On Apr 30, 2004, at 12:56 PM, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> A lot of "workstations" these days are full of PC components.

   Interesting.  Mine aren't.  You must be talking about the ONE MODEL 
FROM SUN and maybe ONE [discontinued] MODEL FROM SGI.  But from a guy 
who thinks his Athlon can "run rings around" an UltraSPARC, I guess 
that might translate to "a lot".

> Compatibility problems with Sun Creator and various Uxx systems, SCSI
> drives and RZxxxx drive sleds from DEC, and so on.

   So are you suggesting that, even when adjusted for the relative 
production volumes of both classes of machines, PC hardware has no more 
compatibility/interoperability issues than workstation-class hardware?

   I've got news for you.  I've had more of those issues with my ONE 
Athlon box than I've had in my TWELVE 24x7-running Suns.

> I don't take building *any* system lightly.

   You should, and you can...if you don't use PC hardware.

   Here's a hint.  When you find a class of hardware which is so 
poorly-designed that you need to worry about stuff like this, *don't 
use it*.  It's pretty simple.

   I have tons of stress in my life.  Lots of problems and issues that 
need to be dealt with.  The last thing I need to worry about is "this 
SCSI interface won't work in that computer" or "I could put this video 
card in there, but it won't work with this OS, but I can't use the 
other one because it isn't compatible with my monitor" and crap like 
that.  I don't have any problems like that with my *computers*...only 
the one PC.

> What does decent 3D graphics cost for this Blade?
> I used a machine like this, and found the graphics disappointing and 
> the
> drive a little slow too.

   Are we again trying to pretend that Suns were built for OpenGL 3D 
graphics, or are we again trying to pretend that OpenGL 3D graphics 
performance is the only metric of performance in a desktop machine?

   Are we again picking the weakest attribute of a given machine and 
using it to define the performance of the entire machine, completely 
outside of its target market?

   I tire of this.  You need to place an order and have FedEx deliver 
you a clue.  I'd suggest "priority 1" morning delivery.


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Cape Coral, FL          reboot and upgrade."    -Jonathan Patschke

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