Cray machines on ebay was Re: [rescue] IBM RS/6000 9076 [...]

Gerhard Lenerz mail at
Fri Apr 30 12:42:40 CDT 2004

Hello Dave,

Friday, April 30, 2004, 7:19:31 PM, you wrote:

>> $2500 for "no memory installed" and "no cpus installed"?
>    I'd like to know exactly what they're talking about here.  The
> *boards* are there...and on my EL machines, the RAM chips are soldered  
> in place, and the "CPU" is about twelve very large chips.  WTF??

  the Pentium is missing and there is no SDRAM inside.

  Ebay is full of clueless sellers. Nothing will ever surprise me over
  there I guess.


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