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Fri Apr 30 12:15:34 CDT 2004

On Fri, 30 Apr 2004, Thomas Gallaway wrote:

> Talking cray machines.
> Y-MP EL: 

$2500 for "no memory installed" and "no cpus installed"?

> The guy also is selling boards for 6400 machines...

I was all over these guys last year to make _some_ kind of deal - remember
the attempt at a group purchase?  I offered all kinds of deals to make
sure they didn't just turn them over to scrappers - to consolidate and/or
part out the 13 CPU cabinets they have.  While I'm glad they didn't just
scrap them all, letting them sit six more months then offering bits at
$200 per system board is just plain nutty.  They must've sunk too much
into them to let them go cheap. :-/

No SSP, no JTAG card, no host key, no memory?  $1k each?  The last one I
bought was $500 for 19x 85Mhz CPUs, 3GB of RAM, a full I/O cabinet and the
SSP included.  (Plus, the machine had been up and running for six months
prior to shutdown, so the condition was known.)

I guess they just didn't see my _generous_ offer of $50/board and
$35/power supply as all that generous... ah, well.  I guess as long as I 
remain patient and bid just ahead of the scrap dealers, I can keep these 
machines from being dropped in the chipper.

-- Chris
"Hell hath no fury like a SuperDragon collector's scorn."

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