S/390 goodness (was Re: [rescue] book score)

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Apr 30 11:57:34 CDT 2004

On Apr 30, 2004, at 10:49 AM, Eric Dittman wrote:
>>>> It'd be really nice if Sridhar would un-disappear right about now,
>>>> with a copy of OS/390 or VM/ESA+CMS, but I wouldn't hold my breath
>>>> for that.
>>> I heard that he took a job doing tech support at Microsoft and part
>>> of his contract prohibits him from being active in such tomfoolery.
>>> I dunno if this is true, it is just what I heard.
>> Sounds unlikely to me.  Anyways, he just completely disappeared, owing
>> me money for something I sent him, but I've pretty much written off 
>> the
>> debt by now (and it's not enough to care about).
> He disappeared with me owing him a system.  I don't have any idea where
> to send it.  I would just send it to his last address, but if he's not
> there, that would be a waste.  Email to him doesn't get answered.  Has
> anyone seen him recently?

   His email goes to my mail server.  He logs in once every few weeks, 
with a big gap from December of 2003 until last month.  He has ignored 
messages from me as well.  I'm considering disabling his accounts to 
see if that makes him come up for air.


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