Sun oddities (was Re: [rescue] F-code ROM compatibility)

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Fri Apr 30 07:18:09 CDT 2004

On Friday 30 April 2004 01:51, Dave McGuire wrote:
>    That's nicely annoying.  Suits can ruin anything, I suppose.
> Hopefully that stuff will "evolve out" before too long.  Nowadays
> with more and more architectures using PCI, there is pressure on PCI
> card designers to make their boards more portable.

Though not as odd as what Sun has listed for some of the jumpers & 
connectors on the Ultra5/10 motherboard.

"Not stuffed" seems a bit weird, but I'd guess it just means they didn't 
put a jumper there.

"Unknown"...?? I'd rather they said "Unused" or "Reserved" or "Computer 
goes explodey when you put a something here".  It seems strange to me 
that Sun doesn't even *claim* to know what every connector on the board 
does, and they designed the damn thing!

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