[rescue] From the January 1984 "Dec Professional" magazine

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Fri Apr 30 01:29:56 CDT 2004

>From the January 1984 issue of "DEC Professional", page 164, the "New 
Products" section.  This issue of this magazine is in my "Bathroom Reading"
pile.  Has lots of fun things like 1 megabyte RAM expansion boards for 
DEC VAX, PR1ME, and other machines, from a little company called EMC^2.

Any typos mine.  Twenty years.  Wow, how things change and how they stay
the same...


Microsoft unveiled today Microsoft Windows, an extension to their 
MS(TM)-DOS operating system that provides a universal operating
environment for the new generation of bit-mapped application programs.

Microsoft Windows will allow independent software vendors to develop
sophisticated graphically-based integrated software packages that run
without modification on any 16-bit microcomputer.

Microsoft Windows features a window management capability that allows
a user to view unrelated application programs simultaneously.  Further,
it provides the capability to transfer data from one application program
to another.  Microsoft Windows provides these advanced user interface
capabilities for owners and purchasers of mid-priced 16-bit computers.

Microsoft Windows will be sold like MS-DOS, adding little or no cost to
a system.  The hardware requirements for Microsoft Windows are;  192K
bytes of random access memory, a mouse, two floppy disk drives, and a 
bit-mapped display.

For detailed information contact Microsoft Corp., 10700 Northup Way,
Bellevue, WA  98004, (206) 828-8080.

bill bradford
austin texas

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