[rescue] Compaq Proliant 8000

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Apr 29 22:31:27 CDT 2004

>> Reminds me of someone here who said that everything runs NetBSD, and 
>> mentioned a furnace as an example.
>> Recently the control unit on my (hot water) furnace died. I looked at 
>> the sensors, the controls, and the logic it had to understand, looked 
>> at the stack of computer hardware in the corner, and thought... gee, I 
>> wonder...
>   Steve Ciarcia built a computer-controlled wood stove twenty something 
> years ago.
>> I did finally have a furnace control put in, but I thought it would be 
>> *so* *cool* to say that my *furnace* ran NetBSD. My wife did not think 
>> that was *nearly* as cool as I did though...
>   Hmm...time for a new wife? ;)

Ahhhhh... no. She is very supportive about most everything I do. I have 
40+ computers in the house and I think she *once* said that I might want 
to divest myself of some. That was only when I was getting something 
new. No, I'll never do better than Susie...

She just isn't as tolerant of really cold weather as I. This past winter 
had some 20-below weather. *Not* the time that you want to be debugging 
your furnace!

New furnace control was much easier and cheaper. ;)


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