[rescue] Re: Compaq Proliant 8000

ghub005 ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Apr 29 16:07:05 CDT 2004

Sheldon said:

The PC's biggest competitor for the desktop/laptop is the Macintosh, and it
gets, what, 7% of the market?  8%?  Something in the single digits, anyway.
Imagine trying to break into the desktop/laptop computer market today, with
something that's not a PC ('cause they suck) and not a Macintosh ('cause
Apple will sue you into the 9th dimension).  Even Sun and SGI can't really
compete in that market; they sell "desktop" machines, but in low volumes
even when compared to Apple.  Sun and SGI aren't exactly coining money 
days, either.

---------------------------<end quote>---------------------------

The Mac sells well in the US domestic market, but poorly elsewhere. It has 
been a while since I last checked, but IDC estimates that the Apple global 
market-share is now just under 2%.

Surprisingly, the G5 Powermacs didn't sold as well as was hoped so the last 
quarter's sales results were pretty disappointing. I'm hoping that we'll see 
some Rev B Powermac G5 machines machines soon as I know a couple of 
people who are holding out for them.

FWIW the new 1.25GHz eMacs look like a good deal. I'm really tempted to buy 
one just so I can steal the guts and build a mini terminal in the *cough* small 



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