clueless GNOME bashing (was Re: [rescue] Mozilla Firefox)

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at
Thu Apr 29 12:12:37 CDT 2004

Wed, 28 Apr 2004 @ 03:45 -0400, Dave McGuire said:

>   Fvwm has been around for _ages_.  It's quite nice, and for a long 
> time it was the lightest-weight window manager around, second possibly 
> only to twm, or possibly "wm" under X10 (if anybody else remembers 
> that).
>   Fvwm kicks ass.

I talked to Robert Nation many years ago to work out problems with it,
and he seemed to be a nice guy.  Wonder what's he's doing now?

I've been using fvwm now for... well probably since it was released.

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