[rescue] Looking for Microvax 3100-40

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Thu Apr 29 12:02:25 CDT 2004

Here at the $college, our dorm access swipe card system runs off a
Microvax 3100-40 sitting in the corner, just waiting to die.

Plans have been underway to replace the system, but much more than just
the server needs to be replaced (remote card swipes & panels). The high
costs associated with the replacement are delaying the process. While the
running joke is that we'd have to go to eBay to replace the machine, we're
starting to become more and more worried that it will die on us and in the
meantime we'll be stuck in a rather unfortunate situation.

The head of the department today mentioned she was doing some eBay-ing and
figured she'd ask the crazy systems guy with all the weird machines (me)
if I knew of any place we might be able to pick up a spare for the
machine, so I figured I'd ask here. Payment could be a fuzzy issue, but we
managed eBay-ing a tape drive for it once, so if anyone has something to
offer, I'm sure we could work something out or there might even be some
interesting equipment laying around here I could offer up for trade.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Mark T. Valites
Unix Systems Analyst
Computing & Information Technology
SUNY Geneseo
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