[rescue] DVD Burner in an Ultra 10

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Apr 28 10:42:10 CDT 2004

J. Alexander Jacocks <jjacocks at mac.com> wrote:
> Well, the only problem is that I have never heard of a SCSI DVD burner. :)

You'd better tell that to the SCSI DVD burner I've got on my desk in Pudsey.

It's actually a Pioneer A07 with a SCSI-II SCSIDE converter and stuffed into
a SCSI-II external drive case. Prices were #130, #30 and #25 respectively at
the time I built it.

I've got this attached to an x86 Linux box with a cheap Adaptec SCSI card,
and it's a lot more reliable than having the drive attached to the machine's
"good" IDE controller.

The Pioneer A08 is now out and it's about #90. The only "problem" with the
A08 is it's an 8X DVD writer which wants about 10MB/s, so it's not going to
play nicely with SCSI-II. (Of course you could always go to fast and/or wide
SCSI, but most of my kit is regular SCSI-II.)

> I do indeed have a Symbios 53c875 card installed, and will be switching to
> SCSI disks as soon as I procure a reasonably-priced disk.

9GB disks cost a maximum of about #15 round here.

[You're going to have to adjust the price of parts to local currency, but
it's usually #1=$1.]

For Sale: Apple iPod, 15 GB model, lightly used, 167 songs loaded.
The RIAA says it's worth about $25 million.
I'll let it go for $5 million, plus shipping.

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