[rescue] Compaq Proliant 8000

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Wed Apr 28 09:35:37 CDT 2004

> On 4/28/04 8:51 AM, "ed at the7thbeer.com"  wrote:
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> > About the only thing 'rescued' here was some landfill space.  But that
> > would be for rescue at landfillhelp.org. ;)
> > -ed
> > -----------------
> Hey, if any of you guys have semi-current Proliant hardware you are going to
> throw away, you send it to me. With Linux or one of the BSD's I can get a
> lot of work done with them...
> I assume the reason the OP asked about SmartStart here was that this is a
> community that probably has access to what he needs, more so perhaps than a
> general population. Same reason I ask the occasional Mac question here; this
> is a clueful group of people with wide experience and exposure to different
> platforms. Guess I'll take my Mac questions back to the LowEndMac lists :-)

*dons flame-retardant vest and helmet*

While I agree that that is likely true it's still off-topic for this
list.  There are _plenty_ of x86 lists out there.

This list is _specifically_, at least from my point of view, about
rescuing computers that are seen as "old" or "classic" or "out-dated".
The Compaq server in question is _none_ of those.

I'm stretching my boundaries here and I'm sure Bill will whack me with a
Narn Bat Squad if I get out of line but unless it's _unusual_ this list
is only for non-x86 hardware.

Bring on the flames...

Mike Hebel

"Bah!" - Dogbert

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