clueless GNOME bashing (was Re: [rescue] Mozilla Firefox)

Torquil MacCorkle, III torquil at
Wed Apr 28 02:41:34 CDT 2004

> To keep this on-topic, speaking of NeXT, does any one have experience in
> resurrecting NeXTstations?  I can't get mine to break into the ROM
> monitor.

Sorry I can't be of any help, but may I add 'cosmetically' to this?  I will
soon be acquiring a slab and Cube (thanks Andrew) in fairly rough condition
and would like to 'restore' them cosmetically if possible.

(Is it possible to upgrade a mono cube/slab to color, same thing with
non-turbo to turbo?)  (And what is the apparent speed difference just in
general use when it comes to non-turbo vs turbo NeXTs?)

Torquil MacCorkle, III
Lexington, Virginia

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