[rescue] OT: ONE post only - Survey

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Apr 27 13:51:17 CDT 2004


The subject would be "Agile Computing" in the enterprise, and one of my
grad students needs more inputs.  Here's your chance to add your tuppence
into the pool of knowledge.  People who knew what "Agile Computing" meant,
and were clueful about IT in general might even make the data meaningful.
The idea is to try to avoid getting nothing but a bunch of pee-cee weenies
answering this survey, and you lot are the least likely to be pee-cee
weenies that I've ever seen.

(By the bye, I've already given him the dickens for the errors in the web
survey, duplicated questions and all.  He should be fixing them 'RSN.')

wes will
Welcome to my nightmare.

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